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We provides soft washing services to residential and commercial properties, such as Epoxy Flooring, decorative concrete, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, out door ovens, and more!

A home is a place where a person lives with full comfort, relaxation, and enjoyment. The exterior structure of a home which is also known as a building envelope consists of walls, roof, windows, doors, and cladding. It is the structure that faces all types of weather conditions like temperature changes, rainy season (which promotes the growth of microorganisms like algae, fungus, bacteria), etc. Moreover, it protects the interior of the home. Any type of problem in the external structure can affect the home internally. Where interior of the home affects the mood of a person similarly exterior gives an intense feeling of how one’s home can be from inside? Therefore, it’s important to take care of the exterior of the home.

Nowadays exterior cleaning industry has adopted a new practice of removing atmospheric and organic debris that sticks to the surface. Many techniques are currently available for exterior washing of homes among which are pressure washing and soft washing. But soft washing is preferred over pressure washing taking home safety into consideration. Soft washing is one of the processes in which the cleaning detergents are applied at low pressure and then the solution is rinsed. Later the contaminants are removed from the surface with the help of a low-pressure stream of clean water.

Soft washing companies Houston provide Soft wash cleaning services which cleanse the exterior of the home by using a cleaning solution that includes Sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and a surfactant. Sodium hypochlorite is very safe and is also used to disinfect swimming pools and to treat drinking water. Firstly, the cleaning solution is mixed with water and then it is applied to the surface of the home. The bleach present in it dissolves any kind of algae, mildew, or mold whereas other things like dust, spider webs, dirt, and other debris get stuck with the foamy mixture which can be rinsed off easily merely with a low-pressure water stream. Soft washing Houston gives professional cleaning with the right equipment to spray the cleaning solution and clean water. Some benefits of soft washing are –

Soft washing companies Houston provide such an upgraded level of Soft washing cleaning services that not only restores the look of your home or building but also make you and others realize that how beautiful your home is.

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