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Providing the best landscape lighting design and service is what we desire and enjoy doing. We offer innovative solutions to all kinds of outdoor lighting problems and it is our goal to offer top-tier services. We have the necessary design expertise and resources to offer the best solutions for all exterior lighting Houston needs. 

exterior lighting Houston

Do You Need Landscape Lighting?

When we contact our clients, we dive into the root of the situation. The first question we ask all our prospective clients is why they think they need exterior lighting Houston. With rare exceptions, their answers often fall into the following categories. 

Safety Lighting

You may be living at a property that is dark or is in a dark location and you may want to make it safe for your family, guests and yourself. 

Beauty Lighting

The exterior lighting Houston aesthetic looks mesmerizing. You may have observed the beautiful effect of lighting on someone’s property and may want the same effect for your home as well. 

Enhanced Security

Among the many concerns is improved security level. Over 90 percent of housebreakers have claimed that they avoid properties that have lit exteriors. You can achieve exterior lighting without blinding your neighborhood. You can influence a burglar to find a different and easier mark simply by positioning low-intensity lighting and down lighting around your house’s perimeter. 

Security Lighting

Many of you may have heard from the local police or read somewhere that exterior lighting helps deter crimes. Nobody likes inviting criminals or unwanted visitors. 

Added Value and Curb Appeal

You may want to enhance your house or business’s curb appeal and highlight your landscape’s beauty. Many real estate surveys have indicated that professional exterior lighting can increase 20 percent of property value. Professional lighting will not only increase your house’s value but also help highlight your home’s rich elements, beautiful architecture and even new inclusions. 

Improved Architectural Features

Your facade may be brick, stucco or stone, but it does make a statement. During the day, the exterior is your home’s central point but during the night, the feature disappears. 

Highlighted Trees and Landscaping

You know quality landscaping requires a proper investment of time and money. Considering the resources you have spent, you should be able to enjoy the landscaping even at night. We can not only make the landscape visible but also add romance, drama and ambiance to it with exterior lighting using a huge range of lighting to create a unique effect.