EXO cleaning services

Residential/commercial cleaning services

We provides cleaning services to residential and commercial properties, such as Epoxy Flooring, decorative concrete, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, out door ovens, and more!

Roof cleaning

Roof cleaning on daily basis is considered a tiring job especially when its area is large but it’s important to understand that roof is also a part of the home and its cleaning affects the environment surrounding you. Regular cleaning of the roof not only removes the damaging algae, moss, and soot but also preserves the life of roof tiles and shingles. It also helps in restoring the color of the roof. Whether the roof washing should be done on the regular basis or occasionally, totally depends on the location of your home. If your home is located near the beachfront or waterfront, it has more chance that your roof can be severely damaged as the sand and girt from the nearby location can settle into the spaces present between the crannies of the roof. Roof cleaning is not a self-establishing task every time but it takes skill and experience to know how to do it?

Roof cleaning services make your work easy and help in maintaining the condition and appearance of your property. Every homeowner should know few things about roof cleaning –

Houston roof cleaning services provide professional roof cleaning services which not only protect the exterior surfaces of your property but also reduce the risk of further damage. Best roof cleaning company Houston is not only cost-efficient but expert cleaning is also done to overcome the problem of algae or moss. Roof cleaning Houston helps you to extend the life of your roof and gives a presentable look to your home.

Gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning is very essential as it removes the built-up debris and grime. If the gutters are clogged then the rainwater will splash over their sides which in turn can damage the home’s exterior walls and foundation. In tropical regions or the areas which are prone to heavy rainfall or frequent thunderstorms, gutter cleaning is especially very important to avoid damage from water. Moreover, blocked gutters are a host of many problems to your property. It can lead to mold growth, damp problems which can serious maintenance problems.

Neglecting blocked gutters can give an invitation to a bunch of problems. So, when was the last time you had the inside of your gutters cleaned? We are here to help you. We dispense House gutter cleaning service without using chemicals. Below are the steps we follow to clean the gutters–

Gutter cleaning service is our specialty and our experts use the most modern gutter cleaning equipment to clean the gutters.

Window cleaning

While cleaning a home or a building we usually avoid cleaning glass and windows because it is a time-consuming task. Until unless any soft dust and dirt particles get converted into a tough stain, we do not pay attention. Although it’s recommended to thoroughly clean the windows on regular basis. In the absence of periodic cleaning, the windows can develop webs and even the wooden part of the window can be infected by termites soon. Dirty windows become weak and thin with the passage of time. Regular washing not only prolongs life but also reduces the need for unnecessary repairs.

Houston window cleaning delivers Window cleaning services at affordable prices. Our professionally trained team starts with the soft cleaning of windows. The narrow corners are approached with the help of a vacuum cleaner. After this, steam of water is sprinkled and rubbed gently. In the end, eco-friendly chemicals are applied so that nothing settles on recently cleaned glass. Window cleaning Houston furnishes immense care to windows during cleaning as well.